Which Magical Power Would You Choose?

These days, it seems like everyone is busy. There is school and all of the homework. Or, there is paid employment and its unrelenting schedule. And, of course, there are always chores like washing dishes and doing laundry when at home, not to mention helping out family and friends.

So, wouldn’t it be nice to have some magical powers?  How about the ability to be in two places at once, called bilocation? Or, what about being able to move things with your mind, called telekinesis?

I can just imagine having these powers. “Sure, boss,” I could say, “I’ll take care of that right away,” while I’m also relaxing in the warm sand on a beach in Hawaii. Or, I could imagine myself binging on a Netflix series in the living room while also mentally making the dirty dishes fly into the dishwasher in the kitchen.

These are simple dreams, and don’t involve using such powers for doing societal good, such as saving the world. So, we could add in that aspect of responsibility for owning such powers. Yet, at the same time, if life teaches us one thing, it is that there are always strings attached.

In the case of bilocation, let’s assume that with each use, you would eventually and permanently split into two people and that the second person would become the evil twin. And with further use, additional evil twins would emerge with only you as the sole good twin and there is no duplication there.

And, in the case of telekinesis, let’s assume that with each use, your physical body weakens and the trend is toward an inability to move. Eventually, your body would be in a state of complete stasis while your mind remained active, still with the ability to move objects.

There should probably be a time frame on these consequences, like when they would occur and from how much use of the magical powers. But, I’ll leave those parts up to you.

So, which would you choose or, given the consequences, would you decline having either magical power?


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