New Book is Worth a Read

I just published the second book in the Land of Kor series, titled: The Grim Reaper of Blossom Island. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other places. Here’s the cover and blurb. The awesome cover is by Keri Knutson at

GtrimReaper (2)

Lorcan has already proven himself to be a powerful young wizard, yet he is still discovering his potential and learning how to control his magical abilities. While on the King’s ship, he accidentally ages the Queen—leaving her with a week left to live. The Kingdom’s healer, Turloch, tells everyone that the only thing that can save the Queen is the root of the Bilberry Bush, which grows on Blossom Island. But, because of the root’s anti-aging properties, it is guarded by a grim reaper. To make matters worse, three blood witches learn of Lorcan’s arrival on the island and want to take his blood in order to live much longer lives. Now, Lorcan must use all of his skills and the help of his friends, Princess Iris, Braeden, and Kyra, to get the Bilberry root by defeating the grim reaper before being killed and returning it to Turloch without being captured by the blood witches—all within a week’s time or else the Queen will die of old age. However, under such pressure, things don’t go as planned, for better and for worse.

Find out how the young wizard solves his problems in this epic fantasy of magic, adventure, and love.




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