How Many Books Have You Read This Year?

Thankfully, there are millions of readers out there. But, it’s interesting to hear how different people are with respect to their reading habits. Some people read only one book at a time, while others read multiple books simultaneously. Some people prefer one genre and others genre hop. Some people like short books. Others like long books. And, still others enjoy character exploration, while a strong plot is a must for another set of people. I know people who read a ton of books a year and others only a few. I’m currently reading two fantasy novels right now and I still find myself getting excited when I hear about a new book. I wish I could read faster! What are your reading habits?



  1. I only started reading about a year ago. I was never a reader. I only read about 30 books in the past year but I am starting to read a lot faster now. I read try to read about 50 pages a day. I read mostly self-help, well-being and inspirational books. I also get very excited about new books. I sometimes need to stop myself from buying more until I read out the ones I have.

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